By August 8, 2018Events

Paradise Charity and LACCG partnered up to sponsor and make a Sunday Fun Day for orphans and abandoned children.

These children have been with unfit biological/ foster parents (where they’ve been physically/ sexually/ mentally abused, locked down, tortured and neglected).  Some of the children have lost their parents and family members that did not want to care for them and ended up in Foster Care.

Our intention was to make a FUN/ HAPPY day for these unfortunate children and give them some love and attention and put a smile on their face. Majority of them, if not all, do not even remember the last time they attended a party or had fun with family or relatives. Paradise Charity partnered up with LACCG to provide them with gifts, face painting, balloons artwork, DJ, food truck, and a lot more.

Our mission is to have group home visits throughout the year.

LACCG and Paradise Charity Group Volunteers