Dr. Bahar and her family were victims of the Iran war. The family fled after the war torn country and moved to different countries until finally immigrating into their safe haven.

Dr. Bahar’s mission began in her early teenage years.  She began sponsoring children in Africa and Mexico by dedicating half of her small monthly allowance.  Eventually, when she began working while being a student, she was able to broaden and increase her contribution to other causes that involved orphan children.

As Dr. Bahar became a mother herself, she began looking into poverty stricken countries and was able to diversify her contributions to hungry, ill children, orphanages and young females.

Dr. Bahar began researching more into orphanages, ill children, and children exploitations.  She discovered how many orphanages didn’t have enough funds, which caused them to have lack of food, care givers, and poor housing conditions.  This prompted Bahar to begin the journey of structuring a non-profit organization.

In 2013, Dr. Bahar formed a non-profit organization called Paradise Charity Group.  Since the formation of Paradise Charity Group, Dr. Bahar has dedicated herself by donating time and by self-funding the charity.

Since the formation, many projects have been funded, some examples are: fund reconstruction of girls dorm housing in an orphanage in Tijuana, Baja California Mexico, to funding the reconstruction of a dormitory for children with special needs within the orphanage in Tijuana, Baja California Mexico.  Paradise Charity is also donating to help families of ill children through St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  Paradise Charity is also donating to the International Society for Children with Cancer (ISCC) in hopes to help the children fight the battle against cancer.  Paradise charity is also donating to Child Foundation, which is an international charity organization that helps children living in poverty remain in school and Paradise Charity has many other projects in process.

Dr. Bahar also is associated with Heardpsa.com and ic3o.org where Paradise Charity Group will help fight against sex trafficking of children and young females around the world and fight against modern slavery.

Dr. Bahar’s mission is to fight against all children’s exploitations, make a change for children in orphanages and give them hope for the future, help ill children and fight for their recovery. The end goal is to provide each child with a safe haven where they can grow and blossom.